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Tbox Tech Solution

Smart inventory
for your business

Envisioning sustainable supply chains, we engineer precise inventory management solutions, our cutting edge technologies enhances visibility, control and efficiency, reducing costs.

By ensuring inventory availability, we boost productivity, champion decarbonisation and pave the way for a sustainable, productive future.

Empowering Efficiency,

Innovating Inventory.

Designed, Manufactured and Assembled in the UK


The KIOSK  a revolution in inventory management, offering adaptability, cost-effectiveness, and precision. The KIOSK's transformative philosophy empowers businesses, while Vision's cloud-based platform enhances data management. Together, they redefine operational efficiency, providing real-time insights and sustainable solutions for businesses of all sizes in the evolving landscape of inventory management.

Follow the Link to Our Partner VYTECH for Pricing and more Information.

Industrial Vending Solutions

Patented Vending 


Streamlined Inventory Access

ProVyda is transforming the landscape of inventory management with its line-side vending solutions. This semi-automated, user-friendly system, holding patents in the UK, Europe, and the USA, allows operators to navigate critical areas with remarkable ease and efficiency. The innovative technology significantly reduces retrieval time and optimises space utilisation, potentially decreasing consumption by an impressive 40%. With an unmatched capacity-to-footprint ratio, ProVyda stands as a class leader in high-capacity vending technology. It can accommodate more products in a smaller space than any other product currently available on the market.  Moreover, its robust design ensures that its longevity matches its accuracy, making it a reliable choice for inventory management..


EP2512753A2 / EP2512753B1 / US2013113344A1 / WO2011073678A3

Advanced Vending Machine

Patented RFID Storeroom


Protected Inventory Management Systems

RFID portals are devices that can detect and identify RFID tags on objects or people passing through them. They can be used to control access, monitor inventory, and track assets in enclosed areas and storerooms. The UK & Europian Regions Patent currently in force for Tbox limited, Ensures that Tbox have the legal rights in these regions to offer RFID portals that can be integrated with other systems, such as cameras, sensors, and alarms, to provide enhanced security and automation. RFID portals can therefore offer many benefits for businesses and organisations that need to manage their resources efficiently and effectively.

EP2240911A1 / EP2240911B1 / WO2009087412A1
Advanced Locker Solution

Design & Development

We pride ourselves on our comprehensive suite of services, which includes not only implementation but also the creation of a ‘digital twin’ virtual environment. This cutting-edge technology enables us to construct a dynamic, virtual model that mirrors the proposed physical installation. By simulating real-world conditions, we can anticipate and address potential issues, thereby ensuring a seamless transition from the virtual to the physical. This service, available upon request, provides our clients with a visualisation of the installation, enhancing the precision and reliability of our products and services. It’s a testament to our commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction. The digital twin creation is a step towards Industry 4.0, revolutionising traditional processes by integrating virtual and physical worlds. This not only improves efficiency but also reduces costs and risks associated with physical prototyping and testing. Our aim is to ensure everything functions as intended before the actual installation takes place, providing peace of mind and confidence in our solutions.

Adaptable Storeroom

We offer customisable solutions to match your manufacturing needs. From RFID technology to vending solutions, TBOX's cutting-edge systems can be tailored to fit your specific requirements.

RFID Advanced Storeroom Solution
Digital Twin Virtual Store Room Solution

Digital Transformation

IoT (Internet of Things) and Digital Transformation are interconnected concepts revolutionising the way businesses operate. IoT involves connecting our devices and solutions to the internet, enabling them to collect and exchange data, leading to enhanced automation and efficiency. Digital Transformation, on the other hand, encompasses the integration of digital technologies across all aspects of your business, fostering innovation, agility, and improved customer experiences. Together, IoT and Digital Transformation empower organisations to adapt, stay competitive, and unlock new opportunities in our increasingly digital world.

We Take Pride in Our Numbers


Years of Experience


Design and layouts completed 


Transaction managed by TBox patented technology.


Successful technology implementations.


Savings achieved using  technology solutions.

PROPOD  features breakdown


With Automatic Booking Out, ProPod solves the control issues faced by storerooms when users forget to book out parts. By utilising cutting-edge RFID technology, stock movements are automatically captured, preventing discrepancies between physical stock and the system, avoiding stock outs, and minimising line stoppages.


Storerooms in various industries often face control issues, becoming dumping grounds due to unauthorised access by staff or subcontractors. ProPod solves this by restricting entry and tracking users automatically. As a result, ProPod-controlled storerooms are secure, monitored, and promote better resource management.


Spend Allocation made easy! To grasp the total cost of asset ownership, proper allocation of expenditure is crucial. With ProPod, you gain the power to automatically allocate withdrawals from cost center down six asset levels, giving you a clear picture of your spending.


Revolutionary stock management with automated transaction tracking, offering real-time stock level updates and automated replenishment. Enjoy secure 24/7 access to your inventory, drastically reducing stock takes and cycle counts. With ProPod, a store with 10,000 line items can be scanned ina few hours, making it an essential part of the Tbox inventory management improvement process.

vyport 2b.png

The power of Tbox Tech with Vysion

This market-leading proprietary software platform provides unparalleled visibility and control over your inventory and assets. Benefit from real-time inventory control, efficient supply chain management, proactive exception monitoring, and more. With comprehensive control over solutions, user access, products, and reports, our real-time monitoring ensures error-free data and streamlines processes through automation. Maximise your operational efficiency with Vysion.

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